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Matthew Crowe partners with Dell in EIR role.

Through it’s Founder’s Club, Dell seeks out entrepreneurs with proven BIG ideas and successful businesses. Dell leverages some of the best practices and networks from today’s accelerators, VC firms, top startup organizations, and then backs them with the power of one of the world’s largest technology companies.

I created a platform and true “idea meritocracy” where the average person would have the ability to unleash their TRUE POTENTIAL with their ideas, and potentially have an impact on society giving them an equal opportunity at success.

– Matthew Crowe


2014 September
9 September

Startup of the Week: AHHHA

AHHHA was recently featured as “Startup of the Week” on the FounderSuite Blog!

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2012 July
7 July

Garage-Built Start-Ups Include HP, Apple, Google, And Now AHHHA

A recent interview with PandoDaily and the personal journey of my Silicon Valley startup.

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